Photo booth – The advantages of using one and what comes with it


When you are planning to have a party for whatever reason, there are a lot of things that have to be done like inviting the guest and preparing the food and all the seating arrangements.

Now you will have to decide on a band or a DJ. After all, that is done, you have to think of having a photographer. The problem with a photographer is that he is a stranger running around your party taken shots of your guest, or you can rent a photo booth.

Let’s compare the hiring a photographer vs. a photo booth


This is someone running around your gathering that you don’t even know, will make you feel unstable about it. When people have a cameraman pointed at them, they sometimes get shy and don’t act like themselves so that you won’t get the great shots. Plus a photographer can cost a lot of money not to mention all the unwanted photos that no one liked. That is a waste of money.

woman holding camera

Photo booth

With a photo booth, the people are more relaxed because there will be no actual person to take pictures of you, so you will act more naturally and do silly things to get them great pictures.

What comes with a photo booth
Delivery of the photo booth

When the time comes to rent a photo booth, the best way to find one is to ask a friend or family member that has used one. If you can’t find one that way, go on the Internet and start looking for one. Try to find one that is close to you, because some photo booth rentals might charge more if they have to travel out of their local area. For more on photo booth check The Science Of Celebration – Anchorage Alaska for even more info.


Make sure that the photo booth comes with accessories; props are fun activities that go along with the picture booth. It will make your guest do silly things like an oversize mustache or big glasses or even different colored hair. This will cause the guest to feel special. This will allow everyone a chance to get a photo taken.


3The photo booth rental will have different types of prop backgrounds that they will provide you with, or you can also make your background. The area around the background should be about 15 feet by 10 feet that will allow you to have the right amount of room. Lights are critical too; you always need to have the right type of lighting behind the picture.