Innovation Of Stationery

The stationery design has certainly changed the way we send correspondence or invitations. It brings a personal touch to their lives and even enhances their living space. For businesses, stationery can be used to set you apart from competitors. Anyone who receives a decorated invitation or gets a spruced up business card tends to keep it for its ornamental value. It is possible to enhance the paper you use in your business as a way of gaining a competitive edge in the industry. All who receive notes on intricately designed paper are appreciative of the effort, and this could lead them to buy from your business.

colorful paper

Cutting, writing, or drawing on paper can have a dramatic effect on its appearance, which is great for those looking for a unique touch. Bevels, for example, are square or round corners that present an air of elegance on thin papers and create a gorgeous impact on the heavier paper stock. It takes skilled professionals to make such cuts that give a true representation of your desires. There are many bevel choices including metallic finishes of gold, copper, or silver. You can also pick Pantone colors like glitter and ombre for that unique flair.

Hand bordering is a unique idea that can be done to add elegance to your design. Creating borders of different widths, and designs are possible. Hand borders can be applied over trimmed and trimmed edges to complete the look. Having hand borders on your stationery creates an inviting look that ties to the overall design.

To achieve thickness a technique called pasting is done, just before beveling. During this process, it is possible to add a touch of color or design. It is a great technique that incorporates the design and a combination of colors to impress special clients. Pasting allows you to add the textured stock to the back of the paper or combine different design elements on a single piece. At this point, you are only limited by imagination, and the end-results are sure to impress.

The decoration isn’t limited to cards and invitations as it can also be done on envelopes and writing pads. To achieve a flawless look, however, you need to work with a professional studio. Edgeworks Studio was founded by a couple who simply have a connection with stationery and design. Their passion helped create a business that has played a big role in the image of countless companies and individuals.

Edgeworks Studio boasts a competent team of professionals who utilize their creativity in developing the best designs for each client. We also rely on advanced tools and technology to improve our works and speed up delivery to offices and homes. To make sure we represent the customer’s wishes, we must sit down with them and hear all about their desires. This helps us note the colors they like, finishes and writings among other preferences that would make up a quality business card or invitation.