Common Types of Weatherstripping

Since it plays a significant role in keeping the entire house warm, many builders state that weatherstripping, or door seal, is as important as the door itself. For this reason, builders need to review sites, like, to find a product that is suitable for the current design. Unfortunately, picking one among the many models and sizes is not an easy task. Often, it feels like a guessing game, where buyers often pick what they need only based on their guess. It later becomes an issue as they notice the seal that they buy does not match with the overall design and structure.

As people are still looking into references, installing door seal, of course, offers some benefits for the residents. Not only does it create a warmer living space, especially during winters, but it also saves up to fifteen percent of your energy bill. Thus, this article aims to inform you about the common types of door sealing that builders often used. It is to help you pick the most suitable item by looking at its profile.

black and white shot of a window

V Strip

V strip, or what people refer to as tension seal, is often made of elastic and durable plastic or metal that resembles the shape of V letter. According to the shape, the main function of this item is to connect and cover gaps between doors and windows. Builders usually install this item on top or sides of a door. It can also be installed on a sliding window to make sure the cold air and raindrops do not enter the house through the small gaps. Compared to the other models, this type proves to be the easiest to install. Builders only need to cut the strip to the desired length and stick the strip with superglue or nails.


Compared to V strip, felt is way more affordable. However, it only lasts for one or two years depending on the condition. Felt usually comes in rolls and often has a pliable metal strip. The strip serves to prevent gaps between doors or windows and the frame structure. One benefit of this item is that builders can easily install the item with nails or glue.

Foam Tapes

One plus point of this item is that it comes in different sizes and thickness, making it a perfect choice for varying designs and gap sizes. Just like what its name suggests, foam tape is made of closed-cell foam with a sticky part to install. Thus, builders do not need additional nails or glue. They only need to peel off the cover and adhere it to the desired place.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Area Rug

When you decide to decorate your home, there are important factors you should have in mind. The floor makes the foundation of all interior designs. A well selected handmade rug can visually harmonize certain elements in your house or reenergize your décor. This article will give you tips to consider when purchasing area rugs. We have two major types of area rugs, the machine-made and handmade. This article will, however, concentrate on rugs handmade.

The area to be covered

homemade, handmade rugThe first important thing to look at is the size of the room or the area to be covered. The most common sizes of rugs are 4 by 6 and 6 by 9 feet. They work perfectly under the coffee table. If you want something that will cover the house, then go for an 8 by 10 feet rug.


Before purchasing your rug, visualize how the area will look like at the end. Always have the end look in mind. Do you want the room sparse, uncluttered, with many colors and textures? The rug will form the largest color splash in the area. Your furniture should enhance the colors and designs in the rug.


If you are buying a rug for an already furnished room, choose colors in the furnishing patterns. You could consider the color of paper walls or paints in this matter. There should be a commonality between the rug and the colors on the walls.


If you are buying a floor mat, you better get a quality that resists daily wear. Wool rugs have many qualities including rich in color tones, deep, durable and easy to care for. Silk rugs are best used as throws or on the walls.


beautiful handmade rugThe shape of the rug should be determined by the decorating style. Many people are always looking for rectangular shaped rugs. Do not limit yourself to this shape; there are many others. An octagonal or circular shape can add more elegance to your room.

Dealer return policy

Yes, this is important. What happens if you get home and find out the quality you got was not what the dealer had told you? A good dealer will give you a week to feel and try the rug. In the one week, check on the wool texture, the dye quality and if it blends well with the room. If it does not meet all your expectations, you should be able to return and get that which pleases you most.


Six Hints For Choosing A Roofing Contractor

The roof is among the first things people set their eyes on when they pass by your home. You must have a perfect roof if you wish to enhance the appearance of your home and surprise everybody. However, to achieve your dreams, you need to work with an expert that will put up a beautiful roof that will stand out from the rest. The hints as discussed below will help you to hire the best Roofing Kingwood professionals for installations or repairs.on the

Check reputation

Make sure that the company that you choose has a great reputation. Hunting for experts that have been in the business for an extended period will guarantee that you get answers to all the questions that will arise. And that is not all. The will also offer you expert advice when it comes to selecting the right procedures for completing the job or maintenance. Try as much as possible to stay away from roofing firms with a bad reputation because the chances are that they won’t do a good job.

Ask for warranty

A significant fraction of roofing contractors stands behind their work with a warranty. Gone are the heydays when you had to go through frustrations when mishaps occur after repair or installation. Working with a company that has a physical location, support personnel and address is the only way to ensure that you will reach them if you need to get another repair done.

Licensing and insurance

The two important documents that you should ask the potential roofing contractor to produce are their license as well as insurance certificate. These documents are vital because in almost all states they are a requirement. If the firm you pick is hesitant to produce these documents they are hiding something and you better start searching for another firm.

Request for references

At times starting your search for a roofing contractor is among the biggest challenges that people face. Most don’t know where to start and if you are one of them the best way to find the ideal expert is asking for references. Its suggested that you find someone who has had a similar issue as yours and requested them to refer you to a contractor they know. From there you can interview to find out if they qualify for the job.

Right equipment

Different roofs have various requirements when it comes to repair or installation. Thus you should settle for an expert that will meet all your requirements. Your chosen firm should go the extra mile to meet all your expectations. They must have the right machines required for your roofing wants.

Trained employees

Picking a company with trained employees is the only way to avoid armatures handling your roof jobs. If you go for novices in the industry, then expect poor quality service as well as poor work. If you cannot ascertain whether the employees are trained or not request them to produce a certificate that shows that their employees have the right treatment and are the best people for the job.

Reverse osmosis for water purification

There is no doubt that you have to take water if you are to remain healthy. The water you take should be clean and free from contaminants. Otherwise, you might end up doing more hard than good. Thus, there is need to invest in a mobile reverse osmosis system for homestead Living to ensure that the water you drink or use is safe.

Reverse osmosis water purification

Over time reverse osmosis, has been a practical way of purifying water. The concept of residential purification of water using this system started back in the seventies. More to this, it is an energy efficient method of water purification.

This water purification method employs the concept of osmosis to achieve good water quality. During this process, impure water passes through a semi permeable membrane. Water will move from a region of less saline concentration to an area of high salt concentration. This process achieves desalination and decontamination simultaneously. Contrary to the biological osmosis process, reverse osmosis uses filters and pressure to facilitate effective elimination of impurities. The ultimate result of the entire process is pure drinking water.

Features of portable reverse osmosis

This system has a thin film or membrane to trap undesired fine particles, minerals as well as dirt particles. In addition to this, the system utilizes a valve divider. This valve is essential in two ways one, ensuring a continuous purification system and two, maintaining an uncomplicated means of accessing clean water.

Advantages of this system

Water that passes through a reliable portable reverse osmosis system is what you and your family should take. This type of water is free from all forms of contamination. Also, this method is effective in balancing the chemical constituents in water and removing unwanted chemical elements. Thus, this makes water from this process an ideal type for everyone.

pouring water to glassReverse osmosis is an effective water treatment plan and can be used to balance both acidic and basic constituents of water hence minimizing incidences of bone or teeth diseases. Lastly, with this system, you enjoy a tasteless cup of water anytime you wish. This may not always be the case for municipal water supplies.

You are certainly going to enjoy the above benefits, once you purchase a portable reverse osmosis system. However, you must be prepared to pay a little bit more as this system costs much when compared to other water filtering systems.

Pool Cleaning Tips

Do you have a pool in your home and have you avoided using it so that you do not have to clean it all the time? Are you having trouble getting your kids to help out in the cleaning of the pool? Well, you will have two options and in this article, wee will look at the pros and cons of both hiring a pool cleaner or buying the best robotic pool cleaner to do the work for you.

Hiring a Pool Cleanercleaning tool

The standard practice for years of those who own pools is to call a pool cleaning service or have a local teenager who does this as a part-time job clean the pool for you. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

The Good and Bad

When you hire a local pool cleaner or service, you will have to pay them for the time and services provided. You will also have to stay at home to supervise the worker. They will often come in during the day so you cannot really leave home and will have to wait until they have finished the job. The Good part is that if you have a person who does a good job you can be sure your pool will be clean and safe for you to use.

Using a Robotic pool cleaner

This method is growing in popularity, and many people are opting for these devices due to many reasons.


When you buy this piece of equipment, the only con may be the initial cost you have to pay. However, the rest is all benefits such as you can just put in inside the pool on a timer and leave home. It will do the job, and all you have to do is pull it out when you come back home. These machines have a process that filters the water and collects all the dirt and debris in the pool. They also contain brushes on the tracks that will brush the floor and the walls of the pool.

Which one to choose

If you are a frequent user of your swimming pool, and if you have kids who use it regularly, it will be best if you clean your pool at regular intervals. If you hire a cleaning service, this will cost you an arm and a leg, but with a pool robot you can clean your pool every two days and be happy that your water is clean.